Co-production Support

Assist, support and structure

Co-production Support

In 2019, Diagramme launched its first Co-production Support initiative. In addition to accompanying artists and cultural organisations, it is important for us to support the production stage, which is crucial for all artistic projects in dance and the circus arts. 

To this end, Diagramme awards a grant to a promising project that stands out from the rest, based on specific criteria.

Selection criteria

The selection criteria include: the maturity, commitment and desire of the creators to construct a work with strong development potential and a solid foundation; the feasibility and lifespan of the project; the timing vis-à-vis Diagramme’s offer of support and the production date of the work.

2023 Recipient

Véronique Giasson | Co-production support recipient for the project "RESET²"
Photo: Sasha Onyshchenko

Véronique Giasson is a graduate of the École supérieure de ballet du Québec. She has danced for nearly fifteen years with renowned cultural organizations, including Cirque du Soleil, Preljocaj Ballet (France), Ezdanza, Andrea Peña & Artists, Les Ballets Jazz, Donlon Dance Company (Germany), Compagnie Marie Chouinard and Compañia Tania Pérez Salas (Mexico).

After the duo RESET, presented at the Festival Quartiers Danses in 2021 and 2022, choreographer Véronique Giasson reiterates by magnifying the proposal for 4 performers — RESET². Within a mathematical course, the interpreters duck, change their trajectory, substitute their partner or starting point. Zones of reset placed in space allow them to reload, because each new start is more complex than the previous one. Accumulation of space configurations that are breathless and obsessive.

RESET² is built on the relationship that unites partners, members of a team, travelling companions who evolve side by side. A sporting as well as artistic challenge, the choreography presents bodies that seem to be on the verge of failure, but that remain in total control.

2022 Recipients

Anne Plamondon | Co-production support recipient for the project "MYOKINE"
Photo: Damián Siqueiros

In a brilliant career that has taken her around the globe, Anne Plamondon has danced for some of the greatest names in the international dance community. After working with Canadian choreographer Crystal Pite and sharing the adventure of RUBBERBAND, where she was the figurehead and co-artistic director for 10 years, she now devotes herself to various large-scale choreographic projects while also performing occasionally. Incorporating her experience as a dancer into her choreographic vision, she recently created a piece for Alberta Ballet and several sections of VANISHING MÉLODIES for Ballets Jazz Montréal. Performed by a lively and energetic septet and set to the hypnotic music of Olivier Fairfield, this new creation conveys the urgent call to action that characterizes our time, and speaks to the vital power of togetherness for a community in search of meaning. Fresh and invigorating.

Tentacle Tribe | Co-production support recipient for the project "PRISM"
Photo: Vanessa Fortin

With talent to spare and an abundance of imagination, the Canadian–Swedish creative duo deploys their tentacles in luminous spheres. They deepen their exploration of perception, illusion and the invisible, searching for what we cannot really grasp, what is hidden from words and the gaze. A quintet of dancers move between a reflective floor and movable mirror panels that they can manipulate from different angles. Kaleidoscopically multiplied tenfold, their bodies seamlessly unite and intermingle, in synergy with Höglund’s music. Prism opens up a myriad of possibilities, distorting perspec- tives and deconstructing movement into infinite combinations of colourful images. A dreamlike journey with a truly hypnotic effect.

2021 Recipients

Sovann Rochon-Prom Tep | Co-production support recipient for the project "Sam & Angèle"
Photo: Priscilla Guy

Sovann Rochon-Prom Tep, alias Promo, has been immersed in the hip hop scene since childhood. After joining the group Sweet Technique, he entered numerous breaking competitions, honing his skills over the years. To date, he has more than thirty victories to his credit, and is regularly invited to competitions around the world, sometimes as a participant, sometimes as a judge. Passionate about mastering the body, he trained at the École de danse contemporaine de Montréal, from which he graduated in 2015. He has worked with Animals Of Distinction, RUBBERBAND, Wants & Needs, Castel_Blast, 14 places, Lilith & Cie, Susanna Hood, Lucy May and Flamant. Eager to advance his artistic research, Sovann continues to evolve through his creations and the invaluable contributions of his collaborators.

Sam & Angèle welcomes you into a vast collage of ideas, melodies, moving bodies and textiles. The junction between reality and fiction becomes the playing field. Through an exploration of pleasure, the sacred, self-love and doubt, the notion of identity is dissected.

For this show, Sovann Rochon-Prom Tep draws on the creativity and experience of dance and vocal artists Samantha Hinds and Angélique Willkie, as well as visual artist Laïla Mestari. From this intimate material, he draws the broad outlines of a shared, fragmented universe that comes to life with the aid of his accomplices.

Jean Bui et Sydney McManus | 2021 coproduction support recipients for the project "1, 2, maybe 3"
Photo: Pénélope Bourgeois and Chloë Baril-Chassé

Without artifice or backstage, jean & syd explore the choreographic interconnections between functional design and minimalist body language. Everything here revolves around balance between sincere and simple gestures, expressive colours and abstraction. Their environment activates like a canvas, a surface ready to be invested with imagination and improvisation. Their movements, measured but never forced, are reduced to their purest essence. The duo’s symbiosis is sublimated through an exceptional synchronicity and implacable gentleness.

“Measuring the mundane. Close to each other, two bodies are trying to coexist. The shapes and fabrics intertwine to the point where it becomes difficult to determine their belonging. Unexpected complications loom as intentions turn into actions. Overlapping decisions generate constraints. Finally, by giving in to the decisions of the other in search of a compromise, we tend to complicate what should have been simple”.

2020 Recipient

Brice Noeser | 2020 coproduction support recipient for the project "Direction assistée"
Photo: François Aubin

The Assisted Direction program will take the project from the research stage to the creation stage with four collaborating dancers and two dramaturges. Produced by Danse-Cité, and in co-production with Diagramme, the new creation will see the light of day in 2021-2022.

“Obsessed with the language and relationships of power, I explore what ‘choreographs’ us in everyday life, observing how domination and manipulation operate through words and gestures. Adopting numerous perspectives on the modalities of communication, I will center my work around the following question: how does verbal communication choreograph us? Understood as a form of control exercised over our bodies, often without our knowledge, how do verbal exchanges force us to take certain positions, to resort to certain gestures?” (Noeser, 2020).

2019 Recipient

Johanne Madore (cie Chimère) | 2019 coproduction support recipient for the project NYX

Drawing inspiration from interdisciplinary sources, Johanne Madore has explored the performing arts for some thirty years, pursuing a unique and highly productive approach as a dancer, physical theatre performer, choreographer and avant-garde director.

She is renowned for her complex hybrid creations that fuse physical, musical and visual genres, and has collaborated with the likes of Carbone 14, Ex-Machina, O Vertigo, Léveillé Danse, 4D Arts, and Cirque Éloize. At the same, she has worked on her own projects and personal research: Antennaë, La Jeune femme et la mort, Monarca, Le Corps conteur, etc. She has also taught interdisciplinary studies at UQAM.

She founded the company Chimère to pursue her research on the delicate interconnections between the body and matter. Her new creation NYX represents a quest for new hybrid stage forms, accompanied by her faithful collaborator, artist-researcher Pierre Przysiezniak.