Mandate and history

Behind the surge of artists for 30 years


The mission of Diagramme – gestion culturelle is to accompany, support and structure the development of professional artists.


At Diagramme, we firmly believe in the importance of arts and culture in our lives and in society at large. Coupled with this belief are the values of ethical propriety, rigour and integrity in the execution of each mandate entrusted to us. Commitment, respect, trust and solidarity lie at the heart of our relationships with our partners.

Sharing resources, striving for excellence and sound management practices are among our priorities.

« À chaque année, l’équipe prend le temps d’écouter nos besoins à long terme pour mieux planifier les années à venir. Cela nous a permis après 6 ans de grandir et se libérer de plusieurs tâches administratives afin de consacrer plus de temps à la création ».

- Emmanuelle Le Phân, Tentacle Tribe


Since it was founded in 1991 under the impetus of the Regroupement des professionnels de la danse du Québec, Diagramme has pioneered a unique model of resource sharing. Supported by partners from every level of government, the organization has been instrumental in the success of many artists and companies—both emerging and established—while helping to train a large cohort of cultural managers.

With its exemplary management model, Diagramme has evolved hand in hand with the community it serves, offering a wide range of consulting services. While its primary focus is on management and administration, Diagramme has shown great flexibility in adapting to the growing needs of its milieu.

A number of new initiatives have broadened the range of services offered by the organisation. In 2016, Diagramme launched its Diagramme PLUS program, which gives annually supported artists and organizations privileged access to specialized resources in all areas related to the artistic project. That same year, Diagramme created the Prix du gestionnaire culturel (Cultural Manager’s Prize), awarded annually at the Prix de la Danse de Montréal;

The DIA 360 initiative now includes a series of bold proposals, including:
Lunch & Learn, noontime chats addressing current issues in the performing arts;
Co-production support for promising creative projects;
Studios Solidaires, blocks of 50 hours of studio time offered by Diagramme to the community, in partnership with the studios of Lucie Grégoire Danse, Caisse Desjardins de la Culture, José Navas/Compagnie Flak, La Lola Studio and PPS Danse;
Support for development agents to help revitalize and promote the performing arts sector;
Cellule de réflexion sur la gestion des données (CRGD), a data management think tank, in partnership with DLD–Daniel Léveillé Danse, Danse-Cité and La SERRE– arts vivants.

Fully committed to a new generation of artist-entrepreneurs possessing character and ambition, Diagramme has become as an essential support organization and a valuable partner in all stages of the artistic project.