Our services

From project to creation, step-by-step

Diagramme assists professional artists—performers, independent creators, creation and production companies, event organizers—who require support in the management of a particular project or program of activities.

Diagramme offers three service packages: Punctual Support, Annual Accompaniment, and various special initiatives under the banner of DIA 360.

Depending on the needs and type of agreement, our main service categories are as follows:

icone gestion

Administrative management

This service includes all administrative and accounting tasks involved in day-to-day operations:

  • Formulation and periodic revision of the various budgets 
  • Budget monitoring and control
  • Bookkeeping and preparation of government reports 
  • Drafting and administration of contractual agreements 
  • Administrative follow-up (insurance files, visa and work-permit applications, payment of tour expenses, etc.)

Funding and grants

Public funding under the grants and bursary programs of all three levels of government: Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec, and Conseil des arts de Montréal. Review of applications and representation with the agents responsible for the artist’s or organization’s file.


Development of short, medium and long term strategies to improve the structure and operations of the artist or organization. Assistance with governance, human and material resources, and organizational development.

Strategic consulting

Advice or interventions to optimise the structure and mode of operation. Depending on the issues at stake, strategic planning is carried out in collaboration with Diagramme’s Executive Director and administrative officer.


Various forms of support are offered. Our interventions are constantly expanding to provide ever more comprehensive support. Since 2021, these special initiatives have been listed under the rubric of DIA 360.


Personalized coaching and training, or in the form of such public events as Lunch & Learn, which address current issues and are open to the entire community.

Cost of Services

As a service organization providing operational support, Diagramme is able to offer highly competitive rates: 30-50% below market rates, depending on the service category. 

To encourage the next generation of artists, Diagramme applies a single hourly rate for start-up artists and organizations. For growing or expanding entities, the hourly rates are progressively adjusted, according to the profile established.