Strategic Plan 2023-2026


In a post-pandemic global context characterized by multiple challenges and persistent instability, DIAGRAMME – gestion culturelle is firmly committed to an ambitious strategic approach for the years 2023 to 2026. Developed in close collaboration with its Board of Directors, team and community members, this strategic plan represents a major milestone for DIAGRAMME, offering an exceptional opportunity to reassess its foundations, values and scope in a profoundly changing cultural landscape.

In the course of this planning process, DIAGRAMME engaged in an in-depth introspection, seeking to redefine its objectives and its place within the cultural sector. The process was marked by an assertive determination to prioritize the quality of services offered over mere quantity, thus reaffirming its fundamental mission. The team unanimously reinforced this mission and set out an ambitious vision for the organization’s future.

By 2026, DIAGRAMME is committed to evolving towards an even more agile, efficient and eco-responsible business model. The goal is to become a catalyst for emerging artists, while remaining a solid and inclusive pillar of the performing arts community. The aim is to promote accessibility, openness and the development of human capital, while encouraging the involvement of those who wish to contribute to the rebuilding of the cultural sector.

The following table provides an overview of this strategic plan, and summarizes the issues to which DIAGRAMME intends to respond.


This Strategic Plan 2023-2026 represents a crucial step in the evolution of DIAGRAMME – gestion culturelle. It is a solid strategic framework and a clear vision that guides our organization towards new horizons, while preserving our core values.

As we look to the future, we are firmly committed to implementing our defined strategic directions, embracing change and consolidating our strengths to better meet the needs of the ever-evolving cultural sector. The coming years will be marked by innovative initiatives, responsible growth and an increased commitment to our mission.

We envision a future where DIAGRAMME will be a major player in supporting artists, offering resources and platforms to foster their creative fulfillment. At the same time, we will be an essential pillar for the established cultural community, providing a space for exchange, collaboration and development.

Our next steps will involve working in concert with our partners, continually adapting to a changing cultural landscape, and investing in innovative and sustainable practices. We will strive to be not only reactive to challenges, but also proactive in creating innovative solutions.

We are convinced that the period ahead will be rich in discoveries, fruitful partnerships and significant achievements. By working closely with our stakeholders and staying true to our values, we are poised to shape a future where culture is celebrated, creativity is encouraged and positive impact is maximized.