About Diagramme

Assist, support and structure

Diagramme – gestion culturelle

Diagramme – gestion culturelle is a service organization whose mission is to guide, support and structure the development of dance and circus artists in a spirit of collaboration and resource sharing.

Diagramme was founded 30 years ago by the dance community. Its team is led by an Executive Director who oversees administrative agents and accounting services, as well as a communications officer.

« C’est un lieu où les agent·e·s travaillent dans le même sens que les artistes,
en solidarité, avec une assistance taillée sur mesure ».

- Manon Oligny, Manon fait de la danse

Annual Accompaniment, Punctual Support, DIA360

We assist artists in the development of their projects by providing them with a tailor-made support framework. Our many initiatives, based on the values of commitment, respect and scrupulousness, are designed to meet their particular needs. Discover our services.