Diagramme PLUS




A program offered in partnership with the Caisse de la Culture

In order to better meet the increasing needs of its artists/organizations, Diagramme has expanded its range of services with a new support concept: Diagramme PLUS.

Offered exclusively to artists/organizations benefiting from annual support, Diagramme PLUS enhances our basic services by providing special access—at a modest price—to professional resources.

Drawing on its strategic alliances formed with experienced consultants recognized in their field, Diagramme offers tailor-made support for artists whose specific, one-time needs are deemed essential to their development.

Diagramme PLUS also offers its artists/organizations secure access—from anywhere and at any time—to a digital platform devoted to collaborative work and the management of their files.



  • Pro-active approach to meet the specific needs of each artist/organization
  • Planning sessions, free of charge, to discuss strategies and plans in the short, medium and long term
  • Implementation of customized pilot projects


  • Creation of a secure networking platform, allowing collaborative work and 24/7 access to files


  • Creation of a network of experts
  • Analysis of needs and financial feasibility
  • Targeted actions and twinning of resources
  • Guidance through the artist-consultant collaborative process
  • Quality control of services


  • Assistance with writing multi-year grant applications
  • Formulation of a strategic plan
  • Formulation of a communications plan
  • Marketing and strategic development
  • Access to taxation and accounting expertise
  • Access to legal services
  • Access to services related to the intricacies of international presentation
  • Formulation of a private funding plan

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