Developing management skills
Launching a new generation of artists
Supervising organizational development
Fostering the emergence of artistic paths
Building close collaborations
Stimulating enriching exchanges
Channelling creative ambitions
Contributing to the emergence of a vision
Promoting resource-sharing
Fostering diversity in artistic practice

Our mission

For 29 years, Diagramme has been accompanying, supporting and structuring artists and cultural organizations from dance and circus arts circles in carrying out their artistic projects

We have collaborated with more than:

  • 50 artists / organizations providing annual support
  • 750 artists / organizations providing punctual support
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    Our services

    We support our artists and associated organizations in all these facets of their projects:

  • Administrative management
  • Planning
  • Funding / grants
  • Strategic advice
  • Coaching and training
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    How do we operate?

    Planning a first free meeting with an agent specializing in administration and project management.

    Assessment of the type of support that best meets your needs.

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