Developing management skills
Launching a new generation of artists
Supervising organizational development
Fostering the emergence of artistic paths
Building close collaborations
Stimulating enriching exchanges
Channelling creative ambitions
Contributing to the emergence of a vision
Promoting resource-sharing
Fostering diversity in artistic practice

About Diagramme

Diagramme – gestion culturelle is a service organization founded almost 30 years ago, an initiative of the dance community itself. Made up of a team of administrators and a communication officer headed by the Executive Director and assisted by the Head of Accounting Services, the organization has set itself the mission of assisting, supporting and orienting artists in their development. Commitment, respect, and professionalism lie at the heart of our actions, which are undertaken in a spirit of cooperation and resource-sharing. Read more


Diagramme assists professional artists – performers, independent creators, creation and production companies, and event organizers – who need support in the management of a particular artistic project or of a program of activities. Our services are provided as package plans for a yearly accompaniment or as short mandates for one-time support. Diagramme also offers production support services, training workshops and individual coaching sessions to the artistic community. Read more

Our clients

Most of Diagramme’s clientele are active in the dance field, but also in circus and interdisciplinary arts. The artists we accompany come from diverse horizons and their professional practice is varied. Our clients are not selected according to an artistic evaluation; Diagramme’s admissibility criteria prioritize concrete actions and consider the viability of the proposed projects. A dozen of artists/artistic organizations currently benefit from our annual support services, while several other artists and organizations entrust us with specific, point-to-point mandates. Read more

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