Diagramme - FAQ

How can Diagramme help you?

Diagramme's range of services covers all the administrative operations required to plan, develop, manage and complete a project, either brief or extensive. Diagramme offers a service tailored to meet your specific needs.

You can contact us for support regardless of the stage you are at in your project. A first free meeting will allow us to learn more about you and your project in order to determine your needs and put in place an action plan that will efficiently meet your aspirations.

Yes, Diagramme was founded 30 years ago under the impulse of the Regroupement des professionnels de la danse du Québec and continues to honour its mission by supporting the performing arts community.

Punctual support is a short-term service to help you carry out a specific step in the realization of your project. Based on an analysis of your needs and the development of an adapted work schedule, Punctual support can cover the search for public funding, the development of administrative documents and consulting services.

Annual accompaniment is a personalized service that covers all the steps in the management of a project or an organization, on an annual basis. A dozen artists/organizations currently benefit from our annual accompaniment service.

To access the Annual accompaniment, artists/organizations must generally go through the Punctual support.

The cost of a Ponctual support is based on a fee grid - starting at $21/hour - and varies according to the nature of the service rendered and the profile of the artist/organization.

As a service organization providing operational support, Diagramme is able to offer highly competitive rates: 30-50% below market rates.

The cost of Annual accompaniment services consists of a lump sum depending on its position in the fee grid and the package selected. The threshold to access our Annual accompaniment services is 200 hours.

As a service organization providing operational support, Diagramme is able to offer highly competitive rates: 30-50% below market rates.

Yes, Diagramme can advise and assist you in setting up your artistic organization. This accompaniment covers all the administrative formalities related to the creation of a non-profit organization (NPO) - such as registration with Revenu Québec, Canada Revenue Agency, ClicSÉQUR, GST/TVQ taxes, CNESST, obtaining letters patent, etc. - up until the constitution of your Board of Directors.

As part of this mandate, Diagramme can also assist you in validating your profile and its eligibility with public partners (CAC-CALQ-CAM).

No! Diagramme does not offer communication and marketing services, either on a punctual or annual basis. Diagramme's services cover all the management, administration and accounting operations required to plan, develop, manage and complete your project.

No. Diagramme does not offer writing services, but rather editing and coordination of grant applications. As part of this mandate, we review your text, but also your schedule, budget and supporting documents and coordinate the application to maximize your chances of obtaining these essential supports.

Diagramme is evolving with its community and is constantly developing new initiatives to support the performing arts. These flexible support measures - grouped under the banner of DIA 360 - have been created to meet needs that go beyond the usual administrative and budgetary management and funding requests. In recent years, we have led several programs and special projects, including Studios Solidaires, Co-production Support, Luncheries and Training and Coaching services.

« Diagramme est un pilier, qui, avec compétence et fidélité, a soutenu l’ascension de ma compagnie et la transformation de sa structure à travers les années. […] En 5 ans, ma compagnie s’est fait octroyer des subventions au fonctionnement, a organisé des tournées provinciales, internationales et a présenté plus de 150 représentations ».

- Estelle Clareton, Créations Estelle Clareton