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Assembling an array of talents, Créations Estelle Clareton (CEC) is a company whose choreographic and dramaturgical creations confront the challenges of existence, of uprootedness and exile, and of human relationships, in a hopeful perspective.

Since its founding 18 years ago by Estelle Clareton, CEC has carried out movement research in dance, theatre, and the circus arts. The company’s works seek to express the opposing needs of belonging and independence that are constantly at odds in the choreographer. She strives to reconcile these inner territories through a dance of proximity that enables her to soar and be liberated, safeguarded by the presence of the group. Instability and disequilibrium are the physical motors of her creations, while lightness and humour act as a counterpoint to anxiety.

The company is made up of a very solid, experienced team, and since its beginnings, has presented many creation projects, toured extensively (in Quebec, Canada, Europe, Central America), and carried out cultural mediation activities.


Contact information

Represented by:
Ginette Ferland
514 523-3994

Photo © : Stéphane Najman

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