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The CITF (Commission internationale du théâtre francophone) is adhered to by statutory and associate members of the Francophonie organization. Theatre professionals and government officials from member countries attend the CITF’s Annual General Meeting to deliberate and to plan for the coming year.

The CITF provides financial assistance through two programs. The first supports co-productions at all stages of creation, production, and dissemination; the second enables artists to meet in an exploratory phase that can lead to a co-production. To date, more than 250 projects have been supported and promoted throughout the Francophonie community, giving artists the opportunity to gather, to exchange ideas and mutually enrich their artistic approaches, to discover other francophone cultures, and to gain access to new audiences.

The participation of women in society is a crucial element in world development; CITF programs aim to contribute to the strengthening of gender equity in the theatre arts.

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