Mission and history


The mission of Diagramme – gestion culturelle is to accompany, support, and provide structure to professional artists in their  development.



Convinced of the importance of the arts and culture in our society and holding to certain fundamental principles regarding our community, we adhere to the values of ethical propriety, thoroughness, and integrity in carrying out the mandates assigned to us. Equally, we value commitment, respect, trust, and solidarity in our relations with our partners.

We are ardent defenders of the concept of resource-sharing and encourage a striving for excellence and the demonstration of best practices.



Since it was founded in 1991 upon the urgings of the Regroupement des professionnels de la danse du Québec, Diagramme has pioneered a unique model of resource sharing. Supported by governmental partners from every level, the organization has been instrumental in the success of many artists and arts companies – both upcoming and established – and has contributed to the emergence of an important cohort of cultural managers.

A managerial model attentive to structuring initiatives, Diagramme has evolved hand in hand with the arts milieu by providing an ever-widening range of consulting services. Concentrating on management and administration, Diagramme has shown a strong degree of resilience as it adapted to the growing needs of the community it serves.

In 2016, after opening its doors to all disciplines of the performing arts, Diagramme consolidated its production support service, introducing the concept of Diagramme PLUS. This customized service offers our annually supported artists/organizations exclusive access to specialized resources in all fields related to the artistic project.

Resolutely committed to a new generation of determined and ambitious artist-entrepreneurs, Diagramme stands out today as an essential support organization and a partner of first importance in the realization of artistic projects.

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