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Founded by choreographer and artistic director Manon Oligny in 1999, Manon fait de la Danse is a contemporary dance company whose projects, presented here and abroad, stand out by their fusion with literature, video, digital arts, and photography, and other disciplines. Embracing new performance forms, Manon fait de la Danse favours a creative approach that takes a critical look at the expressive medium of choreography and its characteristics. From the beginning, the company has taken on subjects that push the body to its physical and moral limits to bring audience members to reflect critically and to arouse their creative imaginations. The choreographer holds to an anthropological and social view of the dancing body, and over the years, she has developed a singular language that conveys the full meaning of this perception.

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Represented by:
Gilles Doré
Art Circulation
514 476-5400

Photo © Francis Nadeau Lussier

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