Lilith & Cie (Back)

With depth and humanity, Aurélie Pedron molds works at the meeting point of installation, choreography, and performance, each one a unique, fresh exploration of an art that is suspended in time. With every new piece created, the company continues to whittle away at our preconceived notions of performance and the successive layers that make up our perception of the world, bringing us to reflect on the transmission of the living physical energies around us.

The works of Lilith & Cie play with duration, silence, breathing, space/time, and place, allowing emptiness to become fullness. The body is used as a source of meaning, a vector positioning itself as conveyor of experience to audience members, who become participant observers. In this manner, Lilith & Cie forges a link, a relationship, albeit an ephemeral one, making it possible to outmanoeuvre the real, free art from commodification and put it back where it belongs, at the heart of human interests.

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Represented by:
Stéphanie Hinton
FÔVE diffusion
514 570-1002

Photo © David Wong

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